the taste of tallinn

besides the infamous estonian coffee and chocolates, there were a few other hidden food gems in this little town, which of course i made it a priority to try.

when walking around in the town square, we were distracted by a market with little stalls selling goods. one in particular seemed to have gathered a crowd and also was emitting an aroma that indicated "sweets," so i made my way over. the crowd was watching a few men make an estonian dessert bread called chimney bread.

the chimney bread stand. 5 euro and all your dreams can come true.

the bread came in many different flavors including vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, and a few others that i couldn't quite decipher into english. i was drawn to coconut much to the chagrin of my parents' plain taste, but in the end we settled on cinnamon. which tasted mostly like the outside layer of a cinnabon. good, but nothing to write home about. even if that's exactly what i'm doing.

our order of cinnamon chimney bread in the process. and my taking of photos of said process to deal with my severe level of impatience.

vana tallinn is the local liquor in tallinn (there's a tiny hint in the name there), and even though it was the middle of the day, we decide to go all real housewives and order a glass on the rocks at lunch.

a photo of my glass of vana tallinn. with the bread basket for good measure.

the drink is generally served as whiskey would be, with the exception that it is sometimes included in champagne. which isn't something people generally do with whiskey, and if you are please stop. gross. anyway, basically vana tallinn is alcoholic maple syrup. or vanilla flavored hydrogen peroxide. either or, but at least it kept me warm in the shade.

the next star of the real housewives of tallinn.

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