tallinn (estonia - duh.)

who can say that they've been to estonia? THIS GIRL! yes people, believe it or not the first stop on my journey was to the wonderful town of tallinn in estonia, a country i never dreamed i would have the chance to visit.

just a little map - i'm sure you'll find it useful.
to no surprise of yours i'm sure, there wasn't really a whole lot to do in the city of tallinn. like the dedicated guide book reader i am, i of course consulted my lonely planet for the top sights, restaurants, and cuisine indigenous to the area. but we were able to manage all of the above within about 3 hours of arriving so i wouldn't say it's a town you go to for a week unless you want some peace and quiet. or if you have a particular interest in medieval fare as this seemed to be a recurring theme in the shops and restaurants. any historical relevance to any of this however is still to be confirmed.

getting pretty medieval at fat margaret.

one of the many passage ways in the streets of old town.

luckily, the weather was gorgeous so it was nice to have a day to walk around the town, see some of the old architecture, and of course stop off for some chocolate and a coffee. because that's what estonia is known for. but of course you already knew that.

cute stairwell outside of a chocolate/coffee shop we went to.

whoaaaaa, baltic amber is the color of your energyyy....

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