supposedly tivoli gardens is meant to be the “disneyland” of denmark, though i honestly couldn’t tell you who or where i heard that from. but to whomever or wherever i did hear that from, i’d have to disagree.

don’t get me wrong, i’m a huge fan of disneyland/world (preference for land – duhhh), but disney to me no matter how wonderful has sort of an air of faux. it’s colorful and there are lots of lights, but it’s also plastic. and it’s not completely improbably to step in gum.

trivoli, on the other hand, has the lights, the color, and the rides, but it also offers maybe something of a little more adult experience. while there are a few of the stereotypical theme park food vendors offering hotdogs, popcorn, and a whole slew of candies, there are also several restaurants scattered throughout the park that offer fine dining experiences ranging from quaint outdoor patios to art deco modern affairs. 

the gardens and fountains in the park are also amazing and well manicured in a way that really only people of the age of 26+ could potentially appreciate – and i say this because i only recently started to appreciate this sort of thing.

of course being that it is an amusement park, there’s still plenty of fun for the kids/adults who still think they are kids.  there are roller coasters, bumper cars, and plenty of those rides that prey on people with a fear of heights (i.e. rides like dr. doom at islands of adventure).  though i didn’t indulge in playing it, there was an awesome giant version of that claw game you typically see in arcades with stuffed animals that were about half my size (so…big). ok, so maybe the only reason i didn’t indulge was that my mom wasn’t going to give me money to play it. ah, once again impressing you all with my maturity.

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