adventures in veganism

so even though traveling is an amazing adventure, believe it or not every once in awhile a girl is bound to get bored. which is precisely what has lead me to start reading a long list of books i always wanted to read, books on my kindle recommendations, and even a few books i felt compelled to read purely because everyone else has read them. "skinny bitch" falls into category three.

i read "skinny bitch" just before my arrival in edinburgh, and while i wasn't completely convinced of everything in there, it certainly peaked my curiosity of being a vegan. i've never really been one of those people who cries over a burger thinking of the poor cow it once was. maybe it's a bit pessimistic, but i don't genuinely believe that one person's decisions (i.e. whether to eat meat or not) can have enough of an impact to affect something like the cruelty of animals in the meat production industry. yeah sure, many parts can make up a whole, but it wasn't enough of a reason for me to make such a major life adjustment.

reading further into things and learning about the health implications of the individual who consumes meat and other animal products, however, was impactful enough for me to want to make a change. not entirely selfish, the part about how feeding animals for production essentially helps cause works hunger helped too. i won't sit here on my high horse though and tell you why i decided to go vegan and why you should too. you can do the research if you choose, but this post is about how i did the impossible and delved into veganism during my trip to europe.

there were so many restaurants and shops available in edinburgh, it made the beginning of my journey on the vegan path seem much more manageable than i ever imagined. for breakfast i usually ate fruit, which was both healthy and cheap. a win-win in my book! lunch and dinner were a breeze, particularly after my discovery of vegan cream cheese, which i would argue is better than the real thing. for snacks i always kept nuts and dried fruit on hand. and maybe a vegan double chocolate chip cookie (now you can put aside all those thoughts about how being vegan is purely for weight loss..).

proof that "vegan" does not necessarily always mean "healthy." especially when it comes to me...

and yes, for those who are wondering, i am clearly getting enough protein in my diet as i'm about three months in now and never felt better. i have had small "cheats" here and there when options weren't available (the ashram) or when i REALLY wanted to experience something (paneer from mcdonald's in india), but overall it's been both a good and easy change for me. thankfully this decision happened after i left paris (wheels of brie galore), but soon up was my trip to another cheese/chocolate capital - switzerland. stay tuned...

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