the good ship, jollyboat

as i mentioned before, i went to several different shows throughout the week during the fringe. each act was very different and interesting (sometimes "in its own way"), but it might be a little pretentious of me to write a full out review of each performance i saw. not to mention boring. so i'll try to pick out a few that were the most interesting.

at the tricity ukulele cabaret, one of the acts was a pair of brothers who used their ukuleles to perform a rap about the bible. obviously intrigued by this and after hearing they had a free show offering every afternoon, i decided to check them out the following day. they called their "band" jollyboat, and performed the same bible rap along with about 6 other songs about various random topics that spoke directly to my appreciation of awkward humor - a love song incorporating computer shorthand, a song about a guy who can't remember what he did on wednesday, and even a song they planned to use as the wining number for x factor. maybe it wasn't for everyone, but i found them hilarious and immediately became a jollyboat fan. which clearly meant i had to establish my dedication and started following them on twitter.

band of brothers. literally.

though the show was free, it wasn't surprising that the brothers offered ways to support their act at the end of the show. for 5£, you could get a cd of their "latest hits" or for 10£, you received a cd and a t-shirt with a line from their song about pirates. "i kissed a gull and i liked it."

unfortunately, having used up my cash to buy dinner before the show, i had neither on me. i did, however, out my name down to receive a link to their youtube page they are currently in the process of setting up.

i haven't yet received the email with the link, but in the meantime here's a little amateurish preview of their "art" so to speak: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OVz6z7722I&sns=em

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