after dublin, i had about a week until i was scheduled to be in switzerland for a family reunion. i'll give you a minute to get over the shock of my having actual scheduled plans. deciding on a place to go, however, was proving to be a challenge as i fell into somewhat if a travel slump. it sounds really silly to say out loud, but i was really sad about leaving london and started to worry that i might not find another place i loved as much. luckily, i didn't have to worry long. i took a tip from a friend and headed over to edinburgh to check out the fringe festival.

immediately i knew that there was more to love in this city than free comedy and live music. pulling up to prince street, i couldn't help the "wow" that escaped. it was beautiful. maybe my expectations were unnecessarily low, but i was excited to be there.

the city was buzzing with the festivals (yes, plural) in town and there were people everywhere. not just tourists as you might expect. even the locals were excited about the fringe and the entertainment was everywhere. there wasn't a corner you could turn without running into a bagpiper, someone advertising their comedy show, or various other performers singing and dancing through the streets.

maybe i just have a thing for the uk, but edinburgh is now one of my favorite places i have been. i was there for a week and felt like i was constantly rushing around trying to squeeze in everything i wanted to do and see there. typical scotland, it rained A LOT, but it certainly didn't rain on my edinburgh parade. (insert punch line drumroll/symbols)

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