so it's been awhile since i've written. a very long while.  first i was removed from the internet for about 3 months solid between staying at an ashram in india and volunteering in thailand.  then i got distracted with returning to the US, catching up with friends and family, and setting my "real life" back up.  and then after that (because yes, there has definitely been enough time between my last post and this one for 3 full excuses) i simply wondered if anyone still cared to read about my trip.  so, i asked like one of my friends, and she said she cared, so i'm back to try and finish what i started.

pretty sure the one friend who wanted me to write again was mostly interested in my india experience, but it feels unfair to skip an entire month of traveling just to get there. i'll try to cut it short. well, shortER, but here we go. back to edinburgh.... 

the final show i saw during the fringe festival was a play called "facehunters." i guess i was in the mindset of  "rounding out my experience" at the fringe festival, and i was so desperate to do so i was even willing to fork over actual money for the ticket.  by now hopefully most of those who are reading this know what a big deal it was for me to pay for anything. even food, water, and shelter were reevaluated as necessities at times.

i read in a review that "facehunters" was basically the UK version of "rent." (annnnd you can thank me later for getting "525,600 miiiiiiinutes.." stuck in your head...) the plot-line was similar and pretty typical of most stories about people in their early/mid 20's - drugs, sex, love triangles. and a magical polaroid image of two girls that ages so the two girls in the photo don't have to age in real life. so i mean maybe it was like "rent," or maybe it was like "death becomes her."

either way, it was a pretty good show and i left with a strong desire to be able to pull off metallic silver leggings and doc martens in a similar fashion to the play's hipster chorus.  there was even some solid audience interaction.  directly after curtain, one of the "small hipster girl" background actresses approached a couple and gave them an extremely loud and angry lecture on audience etiquette and how talking during a performance can "ruin the vibe, man!" totally...

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